3 Month Cognitive/Language Workout - Available in Australia Only.
3 Month Cognitive/Language Workout - Available in Australia Only.
This program is a combination of the Fast ForWord123 program and our Growth Mindset Coaching. Fast ForWord123 is used by speech pathologists and schools world wide to improve listening, language and learning skills at a much deeper level in the neural pathways of the brain. Growth mindset coaching helps children to persevere longer, to build the skills necessary for a fulfilling life.

NDIS approved for plan and self managed funding. Please read Terms and Conditions prior to purchase.

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The latest brain research has shown that the brain is more like a muscle, so by exercising weaker areas in the brain, learning can actually improve.

The Auditory Fitness Builder program uses Fast ForWord123, the evidence based program used by speech pathologists worldwide to strengthen cognitive skills like auditory memory, attention, and sequencing so that students can process, understand and remember the rapid sounds of speech called phonemes. It works by intensively exercising the neural pathways in the brain responsible for acquiring English language.  This leads to improved speech, better spelling, reading, comprehension and retention across more subjects. And, with better communication, social skills, resilience and confidence grows.

Fast ForWord123 has been shown to increase reading skills by 1 to 2 years in as little as 3 months.  It was developed by four of the world's top neuroscientists, including the 2016 Kavli Prize winner for Neuroscience, Dr Michael Merzenich.  There are also more than 250 worldwide studies covering 73,000 children including the use of fMRI to measure the growth of language and learning pathways in the brain. 

This ground-breaking program also adapts to your child, so it will slow down when your child is struggling and speed up when they are finding it easy. This helps to put your child into the “learning zone”, that incredible area just out of the “comfort zone” where learning happens.  Coupled with the inbuilt repetition and reward, there is no other evidence based program that improves auditory processing skills for both children and adults like Fast ForWord123 can.

What’s in it for you?

Three months of access to the internet based Fast ForWord123 program which you do safely at home.

You’ll also have the benefit of support, with your child’s progress being monitored by a specialist who will contact you if there are any concerns.

And because this program strengthens the physical structure of the brain to process auditory information and speech more efficiently, you will be increasing their ability to learn better in all subjects.  

You’re also getting the benefits from over 30 years of brain research and millions of dollars invested in a program that speech pathologists all over the world use and recommend.

You will also make speech therapy and/or tutoring more effective, like “preparing the soil” for learning seeds to be planted.  As such, Fast ForWord can be done before, during or after such interventions.

You will also have the reassurance that you have chosen to increase your child’s capacity to learn, and the ability for them to develop more skills that increase their choices in the future. 

Terms and conditions and technical requirements are on our website. Once payment is received, you will get an email asking you to complete and return the attached enrolment form, along with your login details and instructions on how to get started (and which isn’t complicated). 

And ... we’re including our growth mindset coaching FOR FREE to increase perseverance and resilience.  This is an additional coaching program to teach you the language to use to sustain effort for longer.   It includes worksheets, activities and even movies to watch and will have you and your whole family feeling more confident about mastering new skills.  Then watch their confidence grow!

Please read the terms and conditions on the website to make sure this product is right for you.


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