1 Month Growth Mindset Coaching - The Language of Perseverance
1 Month Growth Mindset Coaching - The Language of Perseverance
This is a program designed to change not just the student you're concerned about, but your entire family.

If students struggle to learn, they may give up too easily or if they find it too easy, they may not learn how to sustain effort and give up too soon.
By coaching you, the change in the family is much more powerful because you'll be living the changes you make in your mindset and theirs every day.

You will get:
- Over 60 colourful pages of resources to help you
- Four weekly support calls to keep you on track
- Postage in Australia included
Coming soon
Coming soon
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Mindset coaching is included at no extra charge in our Auditory Fitness program.
Using over 60 brightly coloured pages of resources for tips, phrases and activities and four weekly coaching calls, you will increase your family's resilience for learning and other life challenges that will benefit them forever.
When payment is made, you will receive an email which will include an enrolment form.  We will also ask for the address to send your resources and organise your support call times.
You will nominate on the enrolment form when you are ready to start.  The subscription will end four weeks from that date.
Terms and conditions apply and it is important for you to note that the program will work best with your enthusiastic participation.
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