• Learnerobics

    Many children are struggling to learn. It may be stress from COVID and learning at home. It may be a diagnosis or family history of dyslexia, autism, attention deficit or they're just "different". It may be a brain injury, or they had ear infections as a baby. They may even be learning in English as a second language.
    At Brain Wise Learning, it doesn't actually matter why.
    Because our Learnerobics program uses the latest brain research that says "the brain is like a muscle". It means that no matter where you are with learning, you can exercise your brain to make it process information faster. If you'd like to know more about this brain research, click here to see our collection of videos.
    Here's how Learnerobics builds the ability to learn:
    1. Mindset is everything - we believe that mindset forms the foundation of learning. If children or adults believe they can't learn, then they won't try very hard. So first, we find ways to let them experience some learning success, to build up their confidence and perseverance.
    2. Speed up the brain's ability to process sound - to learn, a brain needs to focus on speech, put it into sequence, attach meaning to it and file it for later recall. There is a lot going on in there and not everyone does it quickly. Fast ForWord, our evidence based, online program puts a demand on the brain to speed this process up. It also adapts to the student with each key stroke, strengthening weaknesses in the process. Globally, it's been used by over 3 million students, 15,000 schools and over 250,000 educators have implemented it.





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